Leman Russ

Is now fully operational


Improved warp communication

Better dataplatforms and servitor operations helped us in retrieving and recording the Iron Eyes imperial records. It is a new and improved system, called CSS. Company Secure System.


New Communication Equipment

Still not field tested, but are reday for usage. New Wox Casters are in training.

The range are improved and the durability should be substantial improved. Both master wox and regular wox casters are ready.


Leman Russ

With the help from my very abel servitors the factory has made the old disassembeled Leman Russ almost ready for battle. It is still lacking weapon functions and the mashinspirit is yet at full vigour.


Sentinel production

1 Sentinels are waiting to be painted, and unfortnalty it's pilot died in
training the other day. It's pilotcompartment might need fully enclosment and new tactical computers.

1 are now ready from the repairs. It's pilot the cunning "Leetah Smither" are anxcious to get it field tested. It's markings are yet to be painted on, and there are some minor work left on the legs.

(Picture below, the Sentinel in the back is an older Sentinel)