The codex (Codex Astares)also holds the basis for imperial cities, giving blueprints for certain buildings and road systems, and also issuing a bog standard outline for defences (have flat land outside walls to give enemy little or no cover, arrays of lance batteries to take out enemy ships) the codex also gives guidelines for imperial populations to keep in line, marking out social structure and PDF (planetary defence force) recruitment. Within the book is also the command structure for the armies of the imperial guard. Because of the codex, armies can colonize entire systems and get to the stage of thriving cities with lightning fast precision and speed.


Roboute Guilliman continued to serve with the Ultramarines Chapter, leading them for a hundred years after the Second Founding . It was said that during those years, Gulliman led several incursions, alongside with his brother Primarchs , against the remaining Chaos Space Marines . During one of these campaigns, they came across a wide spread system in the outer rim sector. The main planet was a giant planet made mostly of rock, heavy on metal and

crystals.( Corr system ) The chaos infestation here was strong, and spread out in several cities.
As a result Roboute Guiliman took it upon the chapter to special train the local Imperial guard

company to withstand the chaos. To better defend the liberated cities.


T he Iron Eyes was formed, and their unquestionable loyalty to the emperor was formed.

How the name came to be is still not properly recorded in any imperial library, but it is said that the Librarian (space marine psyker) had a dream that the emperor looked upon the
Ultramarines through the imperial guard force. His gaze formed in the eyes of each and every
solider. Giving the story meaning Roboute came up with the name Iron Eyes, as a tribute to

the emperor, and it was a name that could bestowed faith in them. The Iron Eyes would watch over the liberated and make sure it was safe from Chaos.

Roboute and his Ultramarines could then easily act out as a attack strike force, eradicating the

chaos rebels throughout the entire system, in safe knowledge that the 114 th Corp of the Imperial guard, would take control of the liberated cities and planets.


D uring these days the Iron Eyes had access to imperial space vessels, this was not long after the 31 st millennium, and the so after spreading along the path if the Ultramarines the Corp was now represented in several systems. The separation of the imperial force into navy and guard was a severe blow to the thin spread Corp, and it became disconnected and less organized.


A lthough many of the planets and systems remained loyal and under the control of imperial guards, the connection to the Iron Eyes was broken, and new army strands and regiments was formed. In light of the new organization of the imperial guard, the fleet of the Iron Eyes was reassigned to the Imperial Navy.


T he only true regiment who remained Iron Eyes was the small colony of Corr. For a long period during most of the 32 st all the time to 38 th millennium it was a small standing force, mostly made up of PDFs\(Planetary Defence Force).


I ron Eyes up to the present day

Remaining a minor regiment for a very long time, the Iron Eyes was renewed in strength as several smaller regiments in neighbour planets had to be relocated, because of xeno threats. Among these was the 128 th mordian rifles. Iron Eyes are now a tailor made Imperial Guard Regiment. Recruiting from several specialized divisions of the large empire. Officers including the only survivor on 116th Neograds stand against the Orks in Neodanmar System, Heinrich Sürgen " Ironhand " . Also the General Gustav Krogh(the Judge) from the 128th mordian rifles. Most of the 128th mordian rifles was recruited into armoured divisions in the 114th Corp.


First major campaing the "new" 114th was used was at Corr- in the Ressurection War.

Maskar Normane of the 114th "Ironeyes" Imperial Guard Corp, knows the drill, knows the routine and the strict rigid pattern of it. Yet it still is a sight, that both inspire and scares him. Before him the large man is readying himself for battle, General Gustav Krogh is strapping on his armour. His gun belt is ready, and finally the emperor blessed powerfist. Its imperial colour honours the emperor, and the symbols freshly painted on is perhaps the most impressive of all: 2 bright kill marks. Being in the command squad together with the General Maskar knows that the kills aren't just rumours.
The Judge has put down two of the "Necron" Lords single-handed. Each one a terrible sight, gruesome in its cold, lifeless form more a machine than anything else, and it's speed and strength truly horrible. The emperor watched over them, and must have personally blessed Krogh, seeing him strike straight true the ribcage of the beast, gripping the spinal cord and ripping a massive chunk of it out, sending the remains crashing to the ground- lifeless.
Finaly the tall hat is put on, the battle scared giant of a man stands before him;
"Ready to die for the emperor Maskar?"

IronEyes has battled hard in the planet of Corr. Although the armed forces of the planet dugg in and fought well , it was over-run by Necrons. It seems as they had been laying there waiting for this war for millenniums. The unknown crypts and unmapped areas of the planet dark sides was filled with the xenos. The Ressurection War was lost, the planet was considered a danger to the empire and was nuked from orbit.

With the loss of its homeworld Iron Eyes are relocated with the help of Guardian Angel's 5th og 7th Company to Illumis. They arrive to support the weakened PDFs and GA 6th Company.
Judge Krogh will strike hard down on the weak PDF commanders, to make sure that the defences hold against the horde of orks. The GAs 5th and 7th company continue their journey.


Images from the Ressurection War: