Type of army (Regimental army- standing planetary defense force, now reassigned- Combat regmiment)

Nickname: Iron Eyes

Motto:”Iron heart, Iron Will, Iron Eyes, for the emperor !”

Current CO: Captain General Heinrich Sürgen "IronWill”
Current XO: General Gustav Krogh

Planet: Illumis/illumes system
Ruled by: Imperial- under the attack of an ork waagh

Uniform: Grey, black plasti steel and blue. Moridan fashions a black and blue uniform. (More information)

The 114 th “Iron Eyes” Imperial Guard Regiment
consist of 8 Battalions

Each Battalion consist of 4-10 companies. A company is usually between 50 and 200 men.

101. Infantry Battalion (Now on Illumis)

304.Company- with 50 standing troops
305.Company- with 10 tanks and50 troops
306.Company- with 200 standing troops
307. Company- with 5 tanks and 100 troops

102. Armored Battalion (Expecting planetfall near Illumis Prime this month)

103. Reserves Battalion - In Illumis System (now heavily recruiting)
This Battalion has only 4 companies but with an much larger count of troops in each company.

104. Technical Battalion - In Illumis System

105. Infantry Battalion

106. Infantry Battalion

107. Infantry Battalion

108. Infantry Battalion

In it glory days the imperial force was organized into much larger army units, each abel to fight on s spread out front covering entire systems – the early “IRONEYES” consistet of -

4 DIVISIONS , 2.nd , 3.rd and Division

And each divison build up by brigades- take the :

4th division

1st Brigade

101. Infantry Regiment

1.Battalion- with 500 standing troops

2.Battalion- with 50 tanks and 300 troops

3.Battalion- with 500 standing troops

102. Infantry Regiment

103. Reserves regiment

2nd Brigade

201 Infantry Regiment

202 Airborn

203 Technical Regiment


This massive scale of men and equipment was unnecessary large when in the later 31 st millennium the imperial guard usually consisted of isolated planetary defence forces.

Another reason off course is the loss off good warp communication and a large force became vulnerable to slow reaction, organization and this is crucial in combat.